CrapTrap: Could not get a response after 10 attempts

What should I do. An idea. I’m not doing anything wrong. I completely wiped the boat, rebuilt it and still the same thing. sorry for the bad english.

Click Local and let it launch then login to the game.

Local marked already

Ryan You here ?

You have to let the client load first before logging in.

CrapTrap is already loading when starting the first bot. char s trying to enter the game. CrapTrap restarts when they enter the game.

Something is causing it to crash. There are no issues like that on the server.

what i have to do. I can’t use the boat ?

Are you trying to teleport all of the accounts at the exact same time?

No. Return on login closed

If they all login at the same time that counts as a teleport too.

yes they are trying to enter almost at the same time. But I’ve never had a problem like this before. I have this problem for 2 weeks

Hello, Ryan.
the problem was on my computer
I fixed the error by throwing format
Sorry to take your time.

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