Crap trap now freezing like phbot

Hello weman craptrap freezing some times i write for you yestrday please found ways craptrap16.1.8 phbot was very stable but this version come with 16.2.3 have this problem i think its from crap trap cause i was not have this problemi think crap trap freezing like sro client cause he told me crap trap use 67 % from GPU and 30 from cpu and please found way please and itnot every 14h cause it come randomly all the problem happened in night i think thx again for help❤️And sro client of craptrap only have this problem thx i have other chars client not have same nvidia 1050 ti vga

The client is going to use your GPU no matter what because Joymax changed it to always render even while hidden/minimized. There’s nothing I can do but have you restart it every 12 hours or whatever value you want. You could try a VM as well so it’s contained.

How i make crap trap restart every 12h

I explained in your other thread.

I photo it to u this photo one when stuck and one when make restart craptrap

I’m not going to do anything about it because there’s nothing for me to fix. It’s not a bug.

Yestrday i waked all night to see what happen for bot i found alot of my chars get dc get dc in night from net be so slow u think crap trapclient got dc or stuck for that get this usage but why if sto client of crap trap get slow net or disconect why crap not make restart? I think with one professional like you❤️

The CrapTrap client cannot disconnect because it is a local connection. It’s not connected to anything.

My friend now i asked him he said me he left pc one day and back found gpu 100% :joy::joy: found way for us brother we need your help :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

i think here the answer on other thread …

my bot time have 20 day if i bought crap trap 4 weeks my problem will gone

If i bought craptrap my problem will finish ?

If you use the server option, yes. You don’t need a client in that case.