Craft Shinning Stone

There is anyway to call the function to craft shinning stone? Already have that option on bot and i would like to can call that with py or any another thing to do auto craft.

Youll have to inject the packet using inject_joymax. Should be opcode 0x7538

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Can show an exemple? i tryed with the opcode but that didn’t worked, i want try keeping fusing all stones on inventory, like the function on Alchemy from Phbot

I don’t have an example, you need to inject the data too right not just the opcode…

You’ll have to check the packet with xpackettool and learn the structure

i tryed do that, but that don’t show the function bot, i can take the opcode from game only, and the game don’t give me an opcode to craft ALL stones inventory, only from slot where i try

Yup that sounds right

Yeh but, how the Phbot do the function Craft all? That do the comand get_inventory() and look all inventory and every time when finish 1 stack that start another by opcode?
Then if i want do one plugin for that work every time when 1 stack finish i need use the new opcode from inventory?

Yes after each stack is complete the bot would send a new packet with the next stack… there’s no craft all button in game that’s a phbot thing.

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