Cpu is always very high

I have almost no control when the cpu is 100%

help me

That’s normal. Kill your clients if you want to reduce it.

It wasn’t like that before

Before when logging up to more than 50acc didn’t kill normally, today more than 3acc CPU has gone high.

im sry

my other computer it’s always fine

what windows on each PC?

cuz my 32bit vista … works fine with all clients opened …

but 64bit windows10 … CPU go high on 1client at least…

Make sure “game mode” is turned off in Windows 10.

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I know what’s wrong with it

then make it highlatency xD

In Windows go into advanced power settings. Find processor power management. Change minimum processor % to 0. By default it is set at 5% minimum. It doesn’t sound like much but you should notice a difference. Some things a computer might do needs less than 1% power usage.

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i found mine like this:

what does it means?

That means your processor will run at 100% all the time. Which isn’t good. Set Minimum power to 0%

i forgot that i have it on max
forgot why
gaming matters maybe…

but what else will it effect when going to minimum?

You’re not going to notice much of a difference between balanced and high performance.

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ya but changing the minimum to 0%
& lowering the maximum FROM 100%

after lowering it to 0%
i see this

will differents be noticed? like the heat?
does lowering the upper limit harm my preforments…?

0% is not going to do anything. Your CPU cannot run at 0 GHz unless it’s in sleep mode or off. If you lower the maximum then it lowers the max frequency it can run at and will reduce performance. This is only useful to save battery.

will it also save heat?
& for a manager with 4bots … can i lower the upper limit to … example 40% safely?
will i get game crash’s on other games?
also on silkroad client?
can i even test it without getting crash or insta screw my system?

No do not lower the maximum. Keep the maximum set at 100%. Lower the minimum to 0%.

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Setting minimum to 0% will allow the processor to utilize the base clock more often. That is the purpose.

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