Cooldown Divine Skill of Mercy

Hey there,

I’am having an issue at the moment with my Angel’s Spirit skill (Divine Skill of Mercy). I checked the forum and the same problem occurred years ago in may 2019 as well. If I turn it on here:

It keeps trying to use the buff although it has a 20 minutes cooldown.

[10:31:36] Picked 113 gold
[10:31:37] Picked 945 gold
[10:31:39] Using [Divine skill of mercy]
[10:31:39] Gained 6.594 experience and 29 SP experience
[10:31:39] Gained 6.594 experience and 29 SP experience

[10:31:44] Using [Divine skill of mercy]
[10:31:45] Gained 6.594 experience and 29 SP experience
[10:31:46] Picked 97 gold

[10:31:49] Gained 6.594 experience and 29 SP experience
[10:31:50] Using [Divine skill of mercy]

Everytime the bot tries to use the buff, the character stops attacking for 2-3 seconds.

Silkroad: official
Server: Celeus
Bot Version: 25.3.8

After my spirit expired last month, I locked it and re-activated it. Everything was working fine before (with the same bot version). Maybe that’ll be a good hint for debugging.


Update: No problems in this regard with the latest bot version v25.4.2. Weird … maybe updating the database did the trick.


Edit: Nope, after leveling a few hours the problem occurs again (with bot version v25.4.2). Something weird is happening here indeed.

I removed the tick in Protection > Devil’s Spirit and added Divine Skill of Mercy in the general buff list. Seems ok for now. I will keep watching it though.

Update: After leveling a while the bot stopped attacking entirely. Removing and re-adding Divine Skill of Mercy in the general buff list did the trick, but I will just turn it off for now. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and I cannot really reproduce it …

I need your account in order to test it. It’s something with the level of the devils spirit.

It is +0, if you mean this … normal one from item mall, no S grade or something like that.


There is something different about it if it can’t use it.

If you want to send me an account I’ll login and figure out what’s going on.

i have same problem with my devil. you think this problem devil locked?

Is it possible to remove it and test it?

I also have the same problem with this user. our common point is being locked. ı will remove lock and test it. After i will write here.

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The problem was that my item was locked. i remove the lock after i test it. now no problem any .bot contiunue attack. Can you fix this problem? when the item locked . Divine Skill of Mercy countdown not work . when devil finish active. bot always says using [Divine Skill of Mercy] and stop bot no attack…

** problem its locked devil… when removed problem solved.


Yes but I need to login to an account that has it locked so I can see what’s going on.

I can not share all my account information .I’ve already said the source of the problem. Problem is when devil item locked, devil buff cooldown not working . @Ryan

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