Continue script after disconnected

hello again :slight_smile:
2 questions :slight_smile:
1- i’m sure there is an option to let the bot continue script after dc or anything else,
for example i’m trying to trade, and i’ll start from DW to hotan and then i want to come back with the same trade from hotan to DW, but you know i have to disconnect the game to get the gold, and when i do this the bot can’t continue and must restart from the beginning, WELL, this beginning means DW town, now i want to let the bot just continue,

2- how to stop bot to do script automatic and let me choose what i want to do, even if i don’t to buy anything from the town, i want to stop walking to NPC,
thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Just a thought on this. Python api option for “checkpoints” in phbot scripts. Where we can attempt to continue a script at a certain line number and bool return for result.

thanks for reply but i don’t understand what you talking about, can you explain to me more than this ? where i can start ? what i should do ?