Constantly disconnecting in isro

even if when they are not botting they get dced randomly in short periods of time. ( 5-10minutes )

Has to be the game. Do you have VIP status?

Yes of course all the characters do. Its been happening for the last 1-2 days

I’ve heard there are login issues on certain servers so it could just be Joymax.

in Eris getting dced every 1-2 minutes now. half of the chars gone half stay in the game all vip

Nothing I can do. Just by sitting in game and disconnecting is not the bot.

So far I’ve tried another pc connected to my network and it gets dced too. I tried logging in without bot and I didn’t get dced. With bot I can’t stay in game.

I tried opening my accounts from my friend’s pc with different network and it works. They stay in game.

I restarted/formatted router as well. I am not having any issues with another game or my internet. Just with phbot.

Can u help me with this? And I heard some other people have been experiencing this issue for the last 2-3 days.

You could try using a VPN.

Its working with a proxy now thanks for your reply.

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