I can’t login to npc even though I add consignment on command line. Pls update @Ryan

Is Ryan alive? :smiley:

Does your script walk to the NPC first?

no, he goes to the warehouse first and gets the elixirs

You can only use that command in front of the consignment NPC.

First dowhang goes to the storage and stores everything then goes to the blacksmith, then goes to the hotan, takes the elixirs from the storage and goes to the consignment, comes back and stores the elixir items. Then he goes to the dowhana again and takes the pot and goes to the contraction area.

It used to work that way, now it doesn’t. It goes to the front of the shipment, withdraws the money, but does not put the items there for sale.

And I marked the consignment from the stall option, and set the price and quantity information.

İ try new account consigment work. What this problems old account ?

No consigment only elixir. That problem. @ryan ?

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