Consignment trading

I need a “begin consignment trading” and “settle consignment trading” for job npc. I can’t create script for this.

Begin target trading and settle target trading are okey but We need “begin consignment trading” and “settle consignment trading” in script creator. Thanks for this bot

They are there. Are you sure you’re using testing?

yes i am using testing but no have this option



no iam speaking about this image

this one for blue and black stone

Not sure if that’s supported or not.

it’s not working in the script creator

@Ryan so bro should i wait you to check this or no

I’ll have to login and test. It will take a while.

take your time bro thank you

How exactly does this work? I put all the goods boxes in using “begin consignment trading” then nothing. Is that all it’s supposed to do?

when you putting all goods boxes in consignment the system trade begin after some time and after that you will settle the stone from Settle consignment trading so all we need to can add this to the script this option

this is tutorial for it ☆[Tutorial]Silkroad Consignment Trading - YouTube

I can add support for starting the consignment process but having a script that follows the transport and attacks mobs that spawn is not easy. I probably will not add support for this.

i need only consignment process no need attack

Do you need the settle option as well?

yes please if you can i need consignment and settle

I’ll add it.

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