Connection to the server has ended

please help me, I did start all bot together. now I don’t enter the silkroad. I saw (gateway error) with phbot.

You have Ip ban. You can only start two silkroad clients via 1 internet IP. Try restarting your internet or set server gateway to “random” on bot.

Hope this helps.

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I did set server gaterway to “random” but not.

Ok it sounds like you have IP ban. How many bots did you try and start at once?

I’dont anythink. why did this ban ?

You get ban as silkroad only allows two accounts to log in at one time from the same IP.

Joymax does that now. If you make too many connections at once or reconnect too quickly they IP ban you temporarily.

8 bot :frowning: . how can ı start the bot ?

If you reset your router it normally resets the ban :blush:

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Go to Phbot manger options and select “Start up to 2 accounts at once”

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This will log in two accounts at once. Once they have logged the next two log and so on and so on.

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okey ı have a question. ı’m playing xian server. ı have to use return and exit.
bot at the same time enter the 8 character. how can fix this problem ?

oh! thanks brother. ı don’t know this direction

i have a similar problem! the new update since!

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