Connection closed by remote server, retrying,

Connection closed by remote server, retrying
I get an error @Ryan @NsyL

You must only connect one at a time per gateway server.

yerel sunucuyu kullanıyorum craptrap iptal oldugu için

That has nothing to do with CrapTrap.

oyununa giremiyorum uzak sunucunun bağlantımı kapatmasından dolayı

bu ceza nezamana kadar geçer

Wait 15 minutes.

teşekküerler ryaN

Game removing ip ban after 15min?

Approximately. The more you try and connect while banned the longer it will be.

i already did that try 2 accounts on 1 ip that’s legal threshold with queue option but i still got this message, sometimes work queue system but with long run fail and this message back again.

u got 6h ip block

using manager?
if u changed character’s group
u need to stop manager before changing
then u need to close the manager & re-open
to re-sort the manager for it to know whats running whats not…
or it might connect a logged in character & spamm it till u get ipBlock

I am getting the same error message even when I try to log in with only one account. My ip is not banned because I am able to log in using silkroad client directly.
My phbot is configured with the queue option enabled.


giving birth or what?

One of my 2 chars keeps getting DC after a few minutes botting.
3 times in 10min. After that the bot isnt able to connect and it is showing this.

I dont get it why my one char is botting 24/7 and the other keeps crashing