hi guys. When I exit the game and enter, all settings are reset. How can I get it back


After you select your character your settings will be loaded.

no, ı am in the game now. and everything reset

can you help ?

Are there parsing errors in the log? It should load after you select your character.

not error

ı played a game and kicked. when ı restard the bot. ı see the reset all confic. how can ı get back

You can check the Backup folder inside the Config folder.

okey ı found the folder. how can ı do. Can you help step by step

ım waiting my friend :frowning:

Copy it to the main Config folder and rename it to your character (remove the date).

hey my friend. Im sorry. ı dont understand you… What should ı do copy and paste to in folder. Please. Step by step. Im waiting

yes brother ?

  1. Go to your “Config” folder
  2. Inside youll see a “Backup” folder
  3. Find the JSON file that matches your char with the date you want. (server_charname_2021-2-15)
  4. Rename the config file to remove the date (server_charname)
  5. Move that renamed file out of the “Backup” folder to the “Config” folder.

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