Send a message to (500) x chara when Y is a crystal gun in a botta.
Can we do it.

May I have your answer ?

I do not understand the question. You want to send 500 chat messages to different players?

When y charda became 500 elixir, x bota message at. Can we do it with the Condition tab?

Character has 500 elixirs? You could use “Item count” for the If, then call a Python function to send a message to a character.

I could not make the python file. Can you send a sample?

For the then option select Python and set the function name as elixir_message. Change the player name in the code below.

from phBot import *
import phBotChat

player = 'name here'

def elixir_message():
	global player
	if len(player) > 0:
		phBotChat.Private(player, 'Elixir count reached')

log('[%s] Loaded' % __name__)

Ryan is great.thanks :smile: