For some reason the “==” operator in Conditions doesn’t work. For example i made a condition for the character to leave party after 15 seconds “if (Time Elapsed (seconds) == 15) { Leave party; }” and after 15 seconds pass the character still stays in party.

You should use >= 15 Seconds because the “==” is for a exact condition. And your Time is still running after 15 seconcs

When i use >= it leaves earlier than 15 seconds for some reason.

I used it for message and it works fine for me

Are you using Stable or Testing?

Testing only

What is the reason to leave after 15 seconds?

Hmmmmm, i don’t know it’s kind of random for me when i use >=15 sometimes it leaves after 5 seconds, sometimes after 13, but never at 15 or after it,

I leave traders during the night and i want to be able to invite them when they sell so i get more gold and rank points, but they are more than 7, so i need to make the ones who sold trades leave.

When i understood it right:

  1. The Trader joins the pt
  2. The Trader sells goods
  3. The trader should leave after 15 secons because sells take only 15 secons?

Ye something like that, if it needs more to sell i’ll make it 20 or 25 seconds.

You need a second condition
If Player is in Party (you or your hunter) & Time elapsed → leave Party

But this works only when your hunter is static

The traders will be selling in Const and JG and the hunter will teleport with reverse every 1h and 5m between the 2 towns so it can take gold and points from both.