You can join by title with the testing release on the “options” tab.


If (char in academy) then
Join party by tittle

It will be fine in conditions.

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Its possible like Ryan said
Just take the same Name with a Sequence and put the names in invite list …

Can u add this too? If xxx not near then pick gold.

Isn’t there an option to toggle pick on and off with conditions? I would use that instead.

Have Option for items not for gold. Also need gold too

Can’t do that without modifying your pick filter.

Could you add a then clause to equip the primary or secondary weapon?
Use case:
In my trading profile I would want, that my char is using sword and shield. Once I am done trading I am switching back to my leveling profile, where the bot should use the spear for nukes.
Since the bot does not get triggered by nukes to switch to a spear, it would be nice to be able to trigger the weapon switch through a condition.

You can try to handle it with Python:
Somethink like this:
If Job suit not equipped -> Use Python

Hey @Ryan if it is posibble i want to learn that (a condition)

if item count >= 1 (can be any item in inventory)
then use item (can be any item in inventory)

i readed lots of conditions but i haven’t found anything about using an item. if it is possible can u help me?

Hello @Ryan

Why doesn’t the “terminate” option be added when I graduate from the academy? from conditions :slight_smile:

How to talk a private message to [BOT] to take my trade goods rewards any help please.

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My bot keeps returning to town if he’s lvl 52 with this conditions. So this is a solution for it.
If he’s 52 he will return to down, change script and disable the condition he met/finished.

I can definitely add something to disable the condition once it triggers.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

It will be for each condition.


So lets take for example,
if currlevel = 52 & then return to town,
if intown then disable,
would it disable both?

You would have to add it to the end of each condition.

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Could you add “If X then Path Find “New training place””