Can you give a positive or negative answer?

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What’s wrong?
Despite this condition, it closes before graduating from the academy.

You need to add a delay so it can send the packet.

Could you please add ifs for:
Transport pet is summoned and transport is not summoned

And thens:
Summon transport pet
Terminate transport pet



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I tried that way. Again, the result is the same. I’m shut down before I graduate.

How do I add a wait time? Can you sample?

can u add “add items to alchemy quere” "start alchemy " please

so i can do
if ( Time ) == 00:00 (start bot)
if ( Time ) == 00:09 (Add items to Alchemy quere)
if ( Time ) == 00:10 (start alchemy)

                if ( Time ) == 06:00  (start bot)
                if ( Time ) == 06:09  (Add items to Alchemy quere)
                if ( Time ) == 06:10  (start alchemy)

                if ( Time ) == 12:00  (start bot)
                if ( Time ) == 12:09  (Add items to Alchemy quere)
                if ( Time ) == 12:10  (start alchemy)

                if ( Time ) == 18:00  (start bot)
                if ( Time ) == 18:09  (Add items to Alchemy quere)
                if ( Time ) == 18:10  (start alchemy)

and loop it for alchemy chars

Kanka 41 olana kadar mezun olamıyormu ?
Çokmu fazla bekliyor bi bak cok hızli lv aliosa carlar 42 yu bekle ole direk terminate ekle

Bazen olamıyor. Yetiştiremiyor sanırım bakalım başka birşey deniyorum


Sometimes that can’t catch up.

@kardamot @dogukan4149 that thread started in english …
if you want some help in your own language ask in private mesage but stop spam without translation LANGUAGE RULES


admin,can add this to conditions, chat party,chat gulid,chat union…


i set this,but dont work…pls help me,bro:grinning:


display at chat general,

That looks right. Is the party not full?

party full

Working as intended.


alike,in chat general…

I don’t see the issue.

chat party dont display…anything…

It uses general chat, not party chat. Do you want me to add party chat?

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