@Ryan please condisder adding if not in training area = use reverse to last return spot im asking this condition due to if someone keeps pushing my chars outside of training area


maybe add "if alchemy finish " and then "start alchemy " :slight_smile:

That won’t do anything because the queue will be empty.

can u add at “take all items in alchemy quere” … or if not just the first “if” command would be realy helpfull @Ryan
and 1 more thing adding support for socked stones and some item usage in conditions and heal items like if"skillactive"" Sockedstone of Stamina (16sec 50%more hp) then "use item 25%vigor and 820 hp heal " 1x :drooling_face:

hi ryan can u add union party member count and party title and name join :slight_smile:

Union party has a matching system?

no union party member count like party member count :slight_smile:

my warrior always lure. sometimes he miss the swing march when the bard cast it
so Can u do something about this?

if (Player in range == YourWarriorPlayerName) { Cast (recast) ( Swing March ); }

@Ryan can u pls finaly add then “add items to alchemy quere” and then "start alchemy " to condition im asking for this so long now …

@Ryan firstly thank you for adding if not in training area but i got a litle issue here



Any advice

That’s what it does. You’re not in the training area.

ined [Script finish]
For auto dungeon
ex: Script finish if (Time Elapsed (seconds) == 60) { Return to town; }
I hope I can explain myself :relieved:

is that possible union party member count and party match title and name ?

The Quest Completed condition is not working how I would expect it.
Quest Completed also returns true, even though I don´t have the quest in my quest log at all.

I would expect it to work the following way:
Quest not completed: False
Quest not accepted yet (Not in quest log): False
Quest completed: True

@Ryan can you add if all player in party get level = then ChangeTrainingArea,

That’s what it does. It will only be True if you have the quest and all the objectives are completed.

Sorry, I did some more testing now and I am kind of confused.
On one hand the following condition uses a return scroll right away, even though I don´t have the quest “Daily Silk and SP Quest” in my quest log. I would expect that this condition would only be true, if I am outside of Jangan and having the quest finished in my quest log.

On the other hand in the same case the following condition won´t return me to town.

Maybe something is broken with the “Not Town” condition?

Thanks again for your quick reply.