if (Player in range == YourWarriorPlayerName) { Cast (recast) ( Swing March ); }

@Ryan can u pls finaly add then “add items to alchemy quere” and then "start alchemy " to condition im asking for this so long now …

@Ryan firstly thank you for adding if not in training area but i got a litle issue here



Any advice

That’s what it does. You’re not in the training area.

ined [Script finish]
For auto dungeon
ex: Script finish if (Time Elapsed (seconds) == 60) { Return to town; }
I hope I can explain myself :relieved:

is that possible union party member count and party match title and name ?

The Quest Completed condition is not working how I would expect it.
Quest Completed also returns true, even though I don´t have the quest in my quest log at all.

I would expect it to work the following way:
Quest not completed: False
Quest not accepted yet (Not in quest log): False
Quest completed: True

@Ryan can you add if all player in party get level = then ChangeTrainingArea,

That’s what it does. It will only be True if you have the quest and all the objectives are completed.

Sorry, I did some more testing now and I am kind of confused.
On one hand the following condition uses a return scroll right away, even though I don´t have the quest “Daily Silk and SP Quest” in my quest log. I would expect that this condition would only be true, if I am outside of Jangan and having the quest finished in my quest log.

On the other hand in the same case the following condition won´t return me to town.

Maybe something is broken with the “Not Town” condition?

Thanks again for your quick reply.

use or not used, Would you add options


Ryan can you answer me ? “use” or “not use” add ?

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That’s not English.

it may help if you add the “Use item” function to the list. If the number of powerful monster you can make is> 7, you can make them “Take the monster collection”. this item may also facilitate the use of products or similar items in its inventory.

use or not use add ?

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Ryan can you answer me ?

@Ryan conditions use and not to add?

Can you give a positive or negative answer?

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What’s wrong?
Despite this condition, it closes before graduating from the academy.

You need to add a delay so it can send the packet.