Conditions Time=xx:xx

Hello, i use conditions working on current PC time.
the problem is:
in the minute which i choose like if time == 23:01 then stop bot.
it spamming Stopping bot in the log until that minute ends.

The Question is:
Could i add seconds in command time == hh:mm?
or how i can make that condition one time tick.

You have to set it to disable the condition after it finishes. If I add seconds then it won’t trigger all the time because more than 1s will have past under certain conditions.

but after i disable it, it wont work again in next day at the same time cuz its already disabled.
how to enable certain condition or all added conditions by a condition?

You can add a time elapsed option so it will only execute once per minute.

but it wont work well with me, cuz if char got dc in anytime it will start to calculate the time elapsed from bot start login time. i want to do something daily at specific time.

i dont ask to add time in second, i know its a problem to trigger all the time.
i ask to add option to re-enable all or specific condition by using a condition.
if possible.
if not, its okey i decreased stop and start bot conditions as possible and now work good.

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