Conditions [Attack <~> Cleric]

Hello, System, if i want to do for exmple i have now 2 chars:

1 char named: bibi, build: wizz&cleric
2 char named: sisi, build warior&cleric

bibi - attakcer wizz
sisi - cleric

now i want to do that…

“bibi” attack with wizz and i want to do when “sisi” not in traning area so “bibi” be cleric
when “sisi” coming back to traning area so “bibi” reattack. how i can do it ? please

but i want if “bibi” will be cleric so be cleric 100%…

please help me.

Thanks a lot.

and if can help me with picture it will be nice ty <3

you can switch profiles via conditions

in conditions:

To stop attack:


  • botting
  • in training area
  • player not in range (NAME)


  • stop attack


to cleric in hand
(set a shield in “inventory” section)


  • botting
  • in training area
  • player not in range (NAME)


  • cast(recast) >> any cleric buff (healing cycle or healing orbit)


To wizard


  • botting
  • in training area
  • player in range (NAME)


  • start attack


you can put multiple condition of “THEN” in 1command line
but some times(99% for me) … it bugs & dont work right

like this wont work:

best to do as written above…

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char “sisi” is my buffer and do cleric [Helling… str,int and more] and i want to do when he return to town so i want “bibi” be cleric instend of “sisi” and do what “sisi” does… and when “sisi” back to traninig area so “bibi” do what he need to do i mean reattack with wizzard

use conditions

learn how it work based on what i’ve written above…

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