Condition In Town after first connect

Hello everybody,
I tried to build a special condition. The problem is that my chars very often disconnect without VIP.
I would like to start them in a special City like Samarkand, even if they need to port till DW or Jangan, because it’s easier to handle with the scripts.
Well anyway, often they dc, the manager restarts them and they login in a different city.
Then they just start the bot and continue the town script. and here is the problem because they are in the wrong city. So the script doesn’t work anymore.
Before this VIP thing I always used return scrolls on login, but they dc to often, so I need to let them continue.
To the condition builder, there is a option for in town an the return scroll, but then they always cast a return scroll when they are in town. Thats bad and result in a loop.
Is there any way to cast a return scroll ONLY if I’m in town directly after login in?
I tried some things but couldn’t find any.

At the moment I just rewrote all scripts and start in a different city, but later it’s nicer to start in my favourite city.

I would have 2 ideas and I want to ask if one of them would be able to add, if I didn’t forget anything related to that what would help me.

  1. Add a condition while==in town, if first login?
    (they shouldn’t cast a return scroll if outside the training area becuase sometimes they are not far away from the training spot)
  2. adding a start city to the bot, so if I’m starting the bot in the wrong time the bot searchs in the script the next possible way path?

Would it be possible to add one of those options, or may you have a better idea?
Or is there already a possibility that I didn’t see?

Best regards

There’s an option in the next release that allows you to determine which town you are in. It may work for your situation.

Thanks for your fast reply. It sounds great, I’ll test it.

Thanks for your new condition “in town”. I tried a few things but it’s still not solving the problem.
Once again just for better understanding.
For example the Chars start in Samarkand (because of lower prices or better ways), but they need to teleport from Samarkand to Jangan. They start teleport and in DW they get a disconnect. After reconnect they start the town Script in DW.
Atm there are 2 ways to help the situation, but there are also problems:

  1. Use return scroll after login (used that before, but sometimes the chars dc every 20 mins, so they would only run from town to spot in loop)
  2. Use the new condition “in town”, but then they are using a return scroll while teleporting and are also in a loop and never go to the training place.

I thought about a new condition that is already implemented in the bot in an other way.
I saw the function to skip town scripts, is it possible to add this in the condition tab?
So we could choose
if (In town==Hotan) { disable town script; }
if (In town==Downhang) { disable town script; }
It would be a bit complicated for us, but I think it would may be easier to add and would work so we could continue our scripts without looping in the wrong town.
An other way could be to add a function to select the start down in the bot and in this way the town scripts in other citys would be skipped.

Is there any possability to add anything like that? It would help very much.

Atm I’m starting in the towns I bot, but some towns are better because of shorter ways (e.g. Hotan the Guild Storage is a very long way)

Best regards

If you use path finding and start the bot in the wrong town it will generate a new path from that town instead.

yeah of course, but I like the possabilitys with scripts, like buffs at the end of the script for a better party start. I’ll find a soluten thanks

I think the return on login option would work.