Condition & Caravan

→ if (player in training area) {stop trading;}
→ the area is jangan’s trader for goods

When i walk normally to the trader the condition triggers and spams stop trading. But if i start trade (caravan bot) outside of area it doesn’t trigger when player wents into the area.

Probably when caravan bot activates the training area disables. Then, how can i stop my character when it arrives to jangan’s trader.

are you using auto trade or your own script?

auto trade because i don’t know what to write to script if character dies on road.

I just want to stop the auto trade infront of the seller of goods.

i think it should if you dont set a return route

I get it but i don’t want bot to try sell or buy anything from seller. Pvp servers locks them and if phbot tries to sell or but you need to disconnect then reconnet to buy or sell.

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