Collision Training Area Jang Cave

I have a problem with detecting obstacles in Jang Cave … bot crashes when I try to enable this feature …

You should not need it for the Jangan cave. The area is massive so you should never get stuck on an object.

I exp for SouthWest Snake Room (Ki) - 98 mobs

The blocking problem occurs in bushes or trees … and turning on the collision option freezes the character (does nothing)

It’s needed for the Jangan cave because of the pillars and everything else it will get stuck on. Can this be fixed?

Use a Polygon. There’s not much I can do about it.

Thx :slight_smile: work :slight_smile:

Nothing you can do? Strange. Bot appears to only work with that function turned off otherwise it says Loading Mesh constantly and does nothing…

It’s because it’s loading 15MB+ of data and it takes time.

Weird since it works perfectly EVERYWHERE else. Once you step foot into the Jangan Cave, it constantly loads and does nothing.


Yeah, got it. It takes time, but not 5 minutes standing there not doing anything. How is this not something that is wrong? I understand it’s processing a lot of data to send back and forth but since it works literally everywhere else in the game except Jangan Cave seems a little bizarre. Anyway, just my opinion, doesn’t matter.

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