Does anyone have a solution to the bot going clientless when ever it wants? I will be manully running around in town do some alchemy stuff and all of a sudden it goes clientless.

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Bot isn’t doing that. Your client crashed.

Hello there!
Mine’s is botting as usual, and suddendly it switch to clientless mode, i don’t know why, so i have to select “Go Client” too many times =/
I didnt find any setup for that, if you find a solution i will checking this post every day.
Best regards!

I posted this in another thread. No one got back to me so I’m don’t know if it helped or not.

Ok, on which post? And what should we do with that .dll file? Paste it on Phbot file location?
Best regards!

It’s just a link to the same file saying the same thing. Yes, you place it in your bot folder and do not allow updates.

Ty Ryan i will give it a try and see what happens