Clientless to Client Problem

Silkroad client solves the problem. However, the last 2 weeks can not pass clientless to client. When I say “show client”, the character remains on the “id-password” screen and then I get dc. I’m a windows 10 user.

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I have the same issue sometimes.

Server? Bot version?

iSro phBot v16.2.6

Try the testing release.

I cannot open “phbot Testing” with “Manager”.

Sure you can.

image cannot :frowning:

I can enter the game normally with “Phbot Testing” but I cannot log in with “Manager”.
Why can’t it turn on? Is there a solution?

I have the most recent testing release. Private Server: Electus/Astral

Teleporting or return scroll or reconnect?

Sometimes when reconnecting it says its connected. No character is in game, but the bot says he is. I look at the minimap and he hasn’t loaded a character or he hasn’t spawned yet.