Clientless relog problem

I set my botters on manager to login 4 at once
I tick on go clientless on login at manager after 30 secs
But every few hours pass and I check my botters I find alot of them went client !!
I checked that their phbots are all ticked on client
Why then they relog with client not clientless sometimes ???

Use this options
After login 30 sec KillClient

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That might just be a bug. It should be fixed in the next version.

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@Ryan Did you try to fix that? I had the same problem that sometimes the clients didn´t go clientless after 30 seconds. With the newest version the bot is doing the same, starts the client, but then the bot unchecks start client with clientless login. So if you dc, you can´t login.

My troubleshoot atm: Turned off the go clientless after login function. I built a client killer on my own untill it´s fixed.

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