Clientless problem

Hello I got a problem
i’m ever got clientless without any reason After 1h as more i got clientless
Also i got other problem phbot manager wouldn’t open when i click on it
Say there a error and said set up again

Client crashed. Nothing I can do about that.

how is it i’m playing isro not a privite server Also i wasn’t got any problem about client When i was used to sbot

The client crashes randomly even if you use no bot.

Okay could you help me for Why Manager phbot wouldn’t to work I had install vcredist.86
I think that’s wouldn’t to work cause of my windows is 64x So if there vcredist x64 could i downloading it instead of vcredist x86

That’s not how it works. The binaries are 32-bit therefore they need 32-bit DLLs to function.