Clientless Mode

Hello, when i enter to silkroad, phbot writing ‘‘clientless mode active’’ and i cant open to client, cant see to character. How can i fix to this? Please help to me. Thanks

If you’re playing TRSRO the client is crashing because bugs within the game. You can open the client any time by pressing “Go Client”. It will ask you to open it by teleporting or reconnecting.

No this issue happening in ISRO. And i cant open from ‘‘Go Client’’. Always hiding.

I think the problem is with your pc, its failing to open the client. If you restart the bot you should see the go client button again. Or you can use manager to go client if the button on the bot is stuck.

Same issue. Client hiding again. Maybe i must change option in “phbot” config? I saw SilkroadErrSender_remade in silkroad file and i deleted it. But not changed.

How can i fix to this issue?

try to login the game with silkroad launcher,keep play about 5 min and let you see, is that problem cause of your computer or bot ? To be sure that you could share more information about whats happening.

mostly, clientless mean → sending wrong packet to game but only you get that error so something goes wrong for you

my stall char active with phbot but i cant open to client always hiding. i dont know how can i fix to this error.

If your mean enter to the game with normal, so i dont get any error. Problem is happening only with phbot.

Maybe you need a check to phbot config.

Finally problem ended. I refreshed to all silkroad file after client opened.