Clientless issue

Hey there! I’ ve clientless problem on pvp server… phBot is perfect with client but when i pass to clientless phBot doing disconnect every 30 seconds. phBot enters the game after looping in town and get disconnect, doing it all time… so phBot doesn’ t continue the game :confused: (btw. i’ m new on phBot)

Server? Most likely they have a HWID limit that requires it to be sent every few seconds so you’re being kicked out after a while.

Server is “Dymer Online” but I playing just one char*

There must be something they added that requires the client to be running.

like what? If you say maybe i can fix, it really annoys me :confused:

Like a HWID limit. Even if there’s no “limit” it could still be required to be sent. It doesn’t disconnect on iSRO or my own vSRO server while clientless so it’s something they added probably.

well, I’ ll try again to find problem… Can I rewrite this topic?
(btw. thanks really for fast response)

Rewrite? Do you mean change the subject?

No, if i can’ t fix this issue i want rewrite with log files…

Now I really don’t know what you mean.

I’ ll try clientless mode other servers, if this issue still keep going i’ ll write with log file under this topic.
Maybe “log file” can be more useful…

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Oh I see. Yes that would be helpful.

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