Clientess login

When i try to login via clientess login ( withount start client ) i have error… maybe i make something wrong?

Private server Venix. link here -

Hi michaldiabel,

If I remember correcty this server got a HWID.
I thought the HWID is required to sent after charspawn. So you should get a DC 1 minute after login, but maybe they changed it.
This HWID will not get sent if you login without the client, so the login does not work.

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so i cant open phbot with clientess login on VPS? :frowning:

Not on that server.

nothing can be done? ;/

Probably not unless the HWID is static.

can u download Venix server and try to login ?

Looks like it’s static so I’ll add support for it in the next version.

nice! waiting! :slight_smile: it would be nice if you added a new version quickly

Any news? :smiley: vps waiting :frowning:

In order to fix job EXP values I had to change a few things so I’m looking for people to respond to this thread before I release the new version: Private Server List

I may just do it anyway since it looks like all the non 1.188 servers no longer exist.

so just do it ^^

Don’t tell me what to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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hehe :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

no one uses more than 1.188 version :smiley:

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