Client stuck in id-pw screen and don't login character

Bot doesn’t login id-pw when I try to use manager. I can manually login with phbot, there is no problem but when I try to do it with manager, it stucks at login screen and there is no error at Log section.


Are you sure the server name is correct?

What is this name exactly? Screenshot_195

When the character is disconnected with the manager v1.9.1 version, the manager does not relog himself.

1.9.1 is not even released and it’s the same as 1.8.9.

v1.9.0 version has the same problem. When it is disconnected, there is no relog.

Then 1.8.9 also has that problem.

You removed the reconnect feature. Now, the manager would relog himself. I misunderstood me?

I tested it and everything works fine. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Can’t “Reconnect” checked so that characters can reconnect after disconnecting?

That’s not what the option does and that’s why I removed it because no one understands what it does. It allows the bot itself to relog with the relog and disconnect check box. If you turn it off then the Manager will relaunch the bot to reconnect it. This is what the Manager is supposed to do.

So @Ryan did I enter the server name correct? What is wrong with my manager?

Now I get it :slight_smile: By the way, can you check your message box, I have reported a problem.

Did you add “LEGEND” to the bot as well? It must be there for login to work.

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The name I wrote when I choosing client path is “Regard”. But server’s name during login screen is LEGEND. Idk where I should write Regard or even write, where I should write LEGEND.


Now It works. So the name that you mention by ss should be same as the name at ID-PW screen. Thanks

Yes exactly.

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