client not open after update

When I start client from bot after update closing as opened.I’m not the only one with this problem.
Are you interested please?

i have same proplem aftar make client get dc

we still wait its for isro

Please be more specific. Are you talking about clientless to client? That is fixed and will be released soon.

yes i’m talking about it. Thank you for your attention.

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Is that the only issue?

that’s the only problem right now

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When you click “go client” the client will open for a bit, but then will close after few seconds and “Show client” will be enabled but “go clientless” disabled.

It’s been updated :slight_smile:

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Ryan got a problem After update. When I get in the game it takes 5-10 mins till the bot atacks…or even after script finished it freeze for few mins after start atacking. All my friend got this problems in specially on wizzards

i already updated latest version 23.8.9 but i still have the same problem when i try go client it crushes right away

Does it get to the login screen at least? That is where it would crash before.

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