Client/Clientless crash when attacking

Good morning all,
purchased last night - trying to get it to work properly and I think I might just did that however I keep running into this problem
When I start bot the buffs work OK but the second it goes to attack either client or clientless will crash and relog.
Version : latest stable
Server : Private server
Charlog shows nothing but : Botting stopped and then the usual for reconnecting.
error log shows the below :
[86][16.2.5][Length error][8/13/2019] [0xb47d][87][0][22][vSRO]

Using bot on Private server.
Please let me know if you’ve need any further info.
thanks :slight_smile:

Done a bit of fiddling with settings - might be an issue where I’m in a unique area but no attacks set under unique - this seems to have resolved it for now :slight_smile:

Use the testing release for private servers. Errors like that will not cause anything to crash.

Ah cheers Ryan will do - thanks!