Choose Item By its Description

Hello, so i am trying to upgrade the xAwakens plugin, i want to know how can i select an item in inventory according to its description and not to its item name.
Example: i have in the following pictures below an “Item Exchange Coupon”, the two items has the same name but can be changed differently.
this is the code from xAwakens plugin.

and another question, how can i use Script command in a plugin? thanks alot <3
no need

The item servername is going to be different for the items you don’t need the description.

Thanks alot for the replay ! I have one last question, how can i make the bot during this plugin sell items to an npc and then start a walk script ? Because those Coupons cannot be dropped

Just let the bot do that normally. Set them to sell in the pick filter etc

Because the pick filter shows only one Item with the name " Item Exhange Coupon" in general.
If i set to sell, it will sell them all but i want to keep only the one which can be exchanged for “Spirit fragment”

The pick filter should have both, if not you can open the database the bot creates and search for the item ID to know which is which in the pick filter

And then i can edit the filter database to sell the wanted items right ?

And where to find this filter databse ? Excuse me but i am beginner and learning <3

The Data folder inside the bot folder. It contains most of the game data for you

Thnx alot for your help i am sure this will change alot of things <3

Hello again, in the pick filter there is only 1 item with the ID 9240, i tried to open the db3 file to check the items but it looked like this, is there a specific programm to open db3 files ?

and this ‘Item Exchange Coupon’ have always the same name but each can be exchanged for a different thing.
any idea?

Use this to open the db3

I’m pretty sure the win item is just _WIN instead of _LOSE but check in the database

its always the same, only 1 item.
and i need actually the lose one not the win, the lose ones can be exchanged for zerk which can be sold for good money.
the funny thing is, when the bot exchange awakens and store the lose ones in storage, it stores them according to the description xD idk how we can target the description of this item

It definitely doesn’t store them based on description, it’s by ID or servername

if you need the lose ones, whats the issue you have them already? The other option is to use get_inventory API and check a winning one through that

the losed ones can be changed to zerk potions and 9x different trash items, i want to make the bot sell all other trash and store the zerk potions in the storage and continue the script and so on :smiley:

Which part isn’t working? You have the LOSE item already… bot can sell junk through pick filter and blacksmith like normal