Chinese silkroadR

whats the differents between this & the isro

It’s hosted in Chinese and the client language is Chinese. You also need a Chinese passport or something to create an account.

This server is bit different in that blue stones are on item mall. However there is no wheels. Bot is allowed, phbot also supports it. However in a day you can only farm 2-3 stones or 4 at max per each party for d11 and above. Rates of blue and pink stones are quite low. Upgrade system is also different than isro. Here if you make your wep +10, you can pay money to make it +15 on website, instead of keep fusing yourself with proof stones…

At the moment, closest to ISRO server is Taiwanese silkroad which is just opened. However bots are not allowed,at least for now. Here, elixirs are on item mall but they are literally cheap a f. Each stack is around 1.3$. Considering increased rate of ISRO at least till D11, it is not that bad because Asian players are really playing this game.

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Sounds like bullshit

Btw this Taiwanese sro started as 80 cap and as you all imagine d9 suns are in pop, but I had already said this is closest to ISRO, so dont expect anything different in terms of game structure. However game is full of events and will be this way just like chinese silkroad. We can only hope that they dont up caps quickly like ISRO new servers. Oh, there is also no wheels here yet but they will definitely bring it in future.

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chinese silkroad sounds like old silkroad system & alive
but where would i get me a chinese passport & phone number to verify myself…
lame but awesome
keeps a certain community together
which understand each other
unlike isro which is full of racist & pervs
specially that funny line “fkk mada fkkkkk fada” xD
not to mention when they are fully raged & wanna express themselves … they say “FKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…” endless KKK xD

I cannot blame ISRO guys, those servers i mean old ones are full of people that have been playing since 70-80 caps…Imagine all the accumulated hatred.

But chinese sro is really much more pay2win than isro, top chars cost around 10k$ there, whereas in isro goes for around 3000-3500$.

As for Asian servers in general, these people literally play this game for fun. They are not afraid of doing pvps or join any activities before making their all stats %80, i hope you get point here. You can also check silkroad 3job videos in youtube, which is Vietnamese silkroad. This server started as 80 cap, idk when but they slowly up caps. As far as I know 11D came out before 1.5 years ago and there are not immo nova parts yet, or egy A nova weapons. Best set is non-nova immortality parts. Also, foreigners also can donate there atm, in past it would require Vietnamese ID.

come silkroad-Online-R palmyra server
some players paid till now +30k xD

like in palmyra server
players there are mostly bot&AFK since most of them are old with jobs & real life activities & kids & other stuff
i know some who are close to a CEO rank in there job life
which is why u can find some who literally viste there char once or twice a week
knowing this when talking to them … or the game between ur PM & there response
& another reason for BOT&AFK & not going in game activities is max Lv140 at this server
which all wanna reach specially those who commit to FortressWar
going from 1~140 would take around 4~6years xD at least in that server
& finally
even though most are BOT&AFK trying to lvl up
they 99% & if not busy at that moment or are not “goldbots” … do come & commit to FortressWar

In CSRO exp rate is 10x, there is also %400 scs and such. Academy ranks are quite high, first one generally has 50k 70k grads, but there is academy both though and they are doing 1-40 at ongs only given exp rate.

In SRO, you can never sell your character for its true value. It is same in CSRO as well. I was referring to character prices, not how much was spent for. But top 3 donators of CSRO has 300k$ since 2013,which you can see it ingame.

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damn xD