Check HWID

Is there any way to check on what HWID’s bot is running? Im sharing my phbot account, and like 3 times a day someone is getting message that HWID limit for bot was exceeded. I reset the limit in page, everyone logs in perfectly again. After like 5 or 6 hours, someone closes bot, and cannot log in again - Again HWID limit problems. I am not sure, maybe one of the persons im sharing with HWID is changing or what, would like to know if there is any way to check if its changing HWID, a bug, or someone is abusing it.

hello guys
i have problem with phbot
when i restart pc and try open PHbot Get massge Ip limit 3
i use USB modem internet and must rest IP PHbot
every time restart PC get this problem what can i do to fix it

You’re changing your HWID when you change network devices. You can reset it after doing so or stop changing network devices.

i dont changing Devices just when restart pc

It doesn’t matter. Something still changed with your hardware and it could be completely random.

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