Chat read resetting

already readed chat is reset as not read after hidden & showing

its like the bot is having an “amnesia”

this options are enabled:

the spamming problem is fixed already thx:

but the SET AS READ is not…
it still goes RED when hidden & opening…
or when hidden & some time passed … not more than 10mins…

The message read info is not stored. I’ll add it for the next version.

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This will delete all of your messages.

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I don’t wanna delete the history xD
Just that the msgs i read
That went from red to black
Should stay black
Unless new msg from that PM appeared
& not just randomly going red even with no new msg’s

& im not sure what u mean by “delete all msgs”
U mean disable the history logs at notification section ?

If you upgrade to that version it will nuke all of your messages.



I can take it

I thought it was just me that was happening.

i suggest u wine on every nok&granny thing u see not right… xD

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