Characters stuck in game after closing manager

I usually close the manager to simplify the screen and turn it back on when I need to. The character status usually will show as in-game/botting but today everything is shown offline. I thought my characters were all disconnected from the server so I tried to relog, the manager said all of my characters are still in game.

I tried to exit the manager and turn it back on trying to troubleshoot the problems (it usually will fix the issue) but it did not work today.

@Ryan is this a bug?

You have a checkbox in manager options “terminate bots on exit”

I don’t want the bot to be terminated when exit. Just wanted to close the manager to keep the screen less busy and turn it back on when I need to.

I closed the manager page with a mistake. from me she wanted it. (enter password) I do not know this password. How should I renew?

The password is something you set yourself. If you lost it then you will not be able to recover it. It’s also possible the file has been corrupted so look in the Backup folder and copy one of them out to the main folder.

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