Char Stuck while going back to training area

i am doing Shackle Quest in Lv120 Mobs and i set a walk-back script so once quest is done it walk back to the NPC to deliver it and re-take the quest again and then bot automatically walk back to training area but every time char faces this Specific Bridge it got STUCK and go back Town and start the Loop again and its a wasting of time -_-
Any Solutions?
N.B: Collision detections is Activated!!
N.B: Walk back a co-ordinate is useless as its noted in Attached photo!!

I dont know the exact quest , but are using auto generated scripts … or u using ur script for both ?

if it auto generated scripts try to replace them with a script that u are creating even for the auto quest

i think its the auto generated scripts coz i cant make my own script from Quest NPC (After Delivery) To Training Area

I’ll see if I can tweak it.

Thanks dude <3

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