Changing Target if current target is knocked down

I noticed a bit of a… Bug I guess? More an inconvenience.

Using a lvl 70 Chin Blade & Shield, I am trying to maximize my solo farming efficiency by using knockdown and downed only attacks.

I have the bot try to knock the enemy down using Demon Blade Force, followed by Soul Blade Force. If the target is downed by one of the two affore mentioned skills, the bot will cast Dragon Sore Blade and Flower Bud Blade.

Once the bot has completed the two down attacks, there is a small pause as the enemy gets up. During this pause, the bot often tries to go after another target, possibly running into multiple enemies and getting itself killed in the process.

Especially because the bot will switch back to the original target about .5-1 seconds after it runs off.

Please not that my attack order lets the bot try and issue Ascension Chain and Heaven Chain after the down attacks, in case the enemy is not knocked down by the 2 Knockdown attacks.

It seems to happen especially often versus Giant or Party type mobs, which have a lower preference than generals on my setting.

You can add more stab skills or don’t knock it down.