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can anyone explain the changing profile in phbot like if I want the attacker account to start buffing without starting to edit all the details

Profiles are just different sets of settings, so yes you can have an attacker profile and a buffer profile. Go to the auto configure tab and create as many profiles as you want.

iam sorry i didn’t get it i will try to be clear so you could give me more details I need to set my account up as attacker and another for buffer so I can set if the buffer account is not in the training area the attacker willwill change profile andbe buffer so the party could always stay attacking so how I can have 2 profile for 9 accounts nad how to do
thank u in advance

I’m not sure, cause i never used it. But i think you could use the Builder in the Conditions Tab to do that.
How exactly that works, i can’t tell you. But it seems there are all conditions existing that you would need ( If ‘Player(not) in Training Area’ and in the bottom window ‘Profile’)
Maybe someone else could explain how it works, or maybe there is a guide for that allready. I would be interrested in a guide for the Conditions Tab too.

I just checked the guide again ( At the very bottom is a short explanation how it works.

I lnow how to use it but the problem in making profile i didnt get it how to make profile i have 9 accounts with different profile how change it to one of my other characters to do the other profile works exactly like in buffing returning dead or wait all the option i need to have a ready profile for buffing so if the buffer dc then other account will change profile and do his work instead

It is all in the aito configuration but how to make profile should i open new phbot and open my buffer on it then editing all the skills and bame it buffer and close it then open new phbot and editing the skills for attacker and close it
Does this will work and if it will the profiles will be saved on the bot? Or what please answer me it will help me alotvin party 8/8

Sorry i don’t get it. But you know that you can copy the Profile files in the config folder inside the phBot folder? And just change the Character name of the copied files?

I didnt know that its brand new info for me
What i need is this
I have 8 players 2 of them are buffing what if one of the buffer dc will happen nothing the attacker will continue and buffer will try to log in so i need to build conditions if the buffer dc one of the attacker (change profile) to become the buffer

IF player not in range then (ur condition)

If (Player not in training area == XXX) (Profile (XXX); )
I just tested it myself. Works perfectly.
Also i had to create a 2nd Condition in the Profile it changes to, so it changes back to the original Profile, once the Player is back.
If (Player in training area == XXX) (Profile (XXX); )

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sounds good

So i just dont understand how change profile work i mean if the attacker change profile to the account who was bufffing does this make the attacker has all the setting which was in the buffer account

Cuz i didt it before but it didnt work at all

You need seperate Profiles for evey Character. Thats why i created 1 Profile for my 1st Wizzard, and then i just copied the Profile files in the phBot/Config folder 3 times, and renamed the copied files to the names of my 3 other Wizards. So i didn’t have to setup everything 4 times, cause they are all the same build.
For example:
Servername_Charactername.db3 (i think this is the Item Filter and other stuff not sure)
Servername_Charactername.json (this seems do be the Default Profile)
Servername_Charactername.Profilname.json (this is a created Profile)
if you have more than 1 Profile for 1 char, there will be 1 file for each Profile

So just copy and paste these files and rename the Charactername to the Charaktername you want to use them with. When you start the bot and login to that Character, the Profiles will be there.

And changing Profiles in the Bot is easy. Just go to Auto Configure and select your desired Profile from the Dropdown Menu then.

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Sooo helpful i will try it now

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