Change Lure Script option

It may have been asked for before, I’m not sure. Can you add a Change Lure Script option when you right click on a character on the manager? Like the Change Script one but for the Lure.

I’ve been thinking for this feature too. @Ryan that would be great for next release.

Do you really need to change the lure script for multiple characters? You could just open the bot and set it.

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2 Warriors per PT

Right now you’d need to Show each warrior, go under attack tab, lure, change script, Hide.

Selecting both - change lure script would make it easier don’t you think?

i dont think so , 2 warrior’s dont use the same lure script so u still need to select 2 :wink:

Who said 2 warriors don’t use the same lure script? Most of the times they do.

Non lazy players don’t use a bot @jaya :wink:

It would take Ryan about 5min to add this option and would save everyone some time.

And, if you’re playing the dead version of the game (official) then you’re right: using the same lure script on 2 warriors would be stupid, but for every other server with increased mob spawns it doesn’t really make a difference.

Why do you need 2 characters luring monsters when 1 would suffice?

on most vSRO servers