Change account after logout

Would it be possible to switch accounts after logout?

I try to create a plugin for auto-academy and wanted to change the acc after I finished 4 chars, is this possible?

Your unique solution is execute a new “phbot.exe” with enough command line parameters (account).

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Thanks, but how would you start the client or connect to the server?

Use subprocess and pass the command line arguments to it.

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Thank you!
I will try that :slight_smile:

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This is my Solution

def StartNewBot():
	Password = "password123"
	Server ="YourSeverName"
	servertyp ="private-server"
	loginServer =""
	character ="MyChar"
	subprocess.Popen([phBot, "--locale", servertyp, "--privateserver", Server, "--loginserver", loginServer,"--startbot",
		                  "--username", Username, "--password", Password, "--server", servername, "--character", character])

And after the next Bot started i kill the old one with

def killBot():
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Does this work? How do you implement it? Plugin?

yes via Plugin

Can you explain the logic of work?
Can you offer it ready for use?

can u explian to do so this plugin and if u have free time can u describe it for me in discord