Chamber of vicious shadows

hi is there a way to register chamber of vicious shadows in clientless mode? its annoying going client on each char to enter the chamber then back clientless so my net/pc wont crash :smiley:
this is isro game btw not private server, thanks in advance.

I’m not sure what that is. If it’s an event turn in you can use quest,Event So-Ok.

no it’s permanent chamber this npc
u need vicious chamber tiket for enter on
silk or event reward tiket

What is the reward for doing that?

d14 / d15 set /weapon /acc rare magic legend socket and stone
also complet the title rang ^^

Do people do it regularly? What happens when you get to the area? Is it like forgotten world or is it an area you can easily bot in?

If it’s like forgotten world then I don’t see the point in adding support for it since you’d have to automate the entire area.

as soon as we enter the arena there is another npc to start the timer for 30 minutes in which we have to kill 5 unik
then this and just one room with 5 unik inside
the master of the party launches the unik one faith that all the party in the arena (which and very long because it is necessary to pass all the characters in client)
the party has just to go via the npc mysterious priest by having a ticket vicious chamber
there is no area besides just one room
weary by the player do it manualmen in client and these very long and head shot
Some people can have more than 100 vicious chamber tickets with the event
hop u understand #thxgoggletrad

I’m not adding support for that.

ok thx for reply

it’s more like styria but instead players u kill uniques and you must have tickets to enter it… kinda like forgotten world also
just 1 pt can enter and 1or2 char have to be client mode
why u “not support that?” all u need to do is just add the npc to the minimap so we can travel char from clientlss mode

thats chamber that gives legend 14~15dg items that cost 100$ if sold(weapon)

request to be able to teleport while on clientless
like after doing the:
select characters
stop bot
return scroll
(after return)
teleport to “Chamber of vicious shadows”(same as "styria"option)
& from there we will start “trace mod” & do our thing

not requesting to auto walk to NPC
not requesting to buy chamber ticket from Mail-items

just a “rightclick & select/have de option to teleport to Chamber of vicious shadows…”

I wrote a plugin to enter the Dungeon

It is not done through manager of course but it can be done through party chat to enter all your party at once while clientless…

(Right Click and Save link as…)

Make sure you open the file in notepad or something and change the Leader to your character name

I didnt test it must so tell me if you have problems but it should work…