Carnival Event Condition


I’m asking about Event

Would you add Start Inflate as a condition for Event with Ballon ? it would be usefull :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading me and have a nice day

Made for JSRO but should work for iSRO. I’m not sure actually.
It works as script inflate_balloons but has been barely modified to work through python condition as InflateBalloons.

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Hey thanks! exchange the reward but not using the ballons ISRO

Hello. How do I use this script? Do I add it in a txt and add it next to the walking script? have to modify something within that code?

Add it to any script, walking or town.


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Hello @JellyBitz really thanks, this plugin is awsome <3
I have a little problem, when ballon inflated to lvl 6 (this is the max) plugin dont claim and stop.
Can you edit this? when inflated to lvl 6 than use: “Quit inflating the ballon and return to the ground.” and start inflating the next one?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can edit the value to the level you need.

yeah I saw, but it only stop, and dont back to ground and inflate the next ballon, just stop everythink.
I need to countinoue inflating the next ballon.

I’m telling you, this is the “STOP & CLAIM” level. Did you tried it?

yes, tried, but dont claim :frowning:

It stop here (picture).

Did you tried to edit and RELOAD plugins? Otherwise changes are not going to have any effect.

Yes I know, I just edited INFLATE_BALLOON_LEVELUP_DELAY = 1.0 # seconds
From 4 sec to 1 sec. nothing else

I have a little problem, when ballon inflated to lvl 6 (this is the max) plugin dont claim and stop.

So… you didn’t tried to change:
to it?

no I didnt, because I dont want stop at lvl5, I wanna inflate lvl 6, than go back to ground and inflate the next ballon :smiley:

The max level could be different on iSRO. Just a possibility on bad level reading…

Yeah, I checked that balloons are level 1 on inflating by default, well the level needs to be leveling down to 5 for matching correctly level 6.

Oh I see, OKe I will try to edit to 5, maybe it will work.
I will feadback. Thank you your time :blush:

I edited to 5, now its stop when inflated to lvl 5, dont inflate to 6 and dont claim, just stop.

Download from here.

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Its working fine in isro, i just tested. Make sure your in Jangan or Const or it wont open.

Its working well now. thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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