Can't send packet up level skill


I’m dev from source to full auto(login, join party, joint academy, move to point party) but when sent packet to up level then not working. (Opcode) 0x7475 (Data) 03

How to up level with inject packet.

0x7475 is not the opcode for leveling up skills, also you can just use the bot to automatically level up skills

Thanks for reply

I want automatically level up skills with plugin. But it seems the bot has intercepted this packet

There no point in doing that but if you want to make it harder on yourself you can… Capture the correct packet and it will work

(Opcode) 0x70A2 (Data) 11 01 00 00 01

this packet?

I beleive that is mastery level up

Thanks i’m trying

I’m try this data but not working

In this picture
Packet red is send from real client(successful)
Packet blue send from bot(not working)

Because the first byte changes with your level… its whatever level you are levelling up the mastery to.

Again I would recommend you use the bot to auto level up

Hi i’m capture packet. When up level then not change first byte

Then I guess I’m wrong.

3rd time, use the bot auto level up feature

I want using plugin support full auto, start bot and login, join party, join academy, finish academy. So i’m not do any action to bot when run. how to solve the problem of automatically increasing skill master without configuring on phbot?

Use xautoconfig to load a default profile that includes auto mastery up. Bot doesn’t need to be started for that

Ok i try

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