Canot update phbot

Hey Ryan please help me fast i cant update phbot what is rong after i pres ok he not update he just close

Open a bot without manager. If that doesnt work, open the phbot.ini file and remove the "UpdateSkip = " line, then save it and open the bot again. Or you can download the latest version here >>

I have same issues. Done what you said above, removed updateskip, but still drops that error

It’s working fine. You need to update.

Can someone explain how did it happened, without any update on server. Just out of nowhere in the middle of the night it stopped. When i try to look for an update in testing version it shows there is no updates. How can you tell it is working if im not alone with this issue?

And im using phbot via manager

The limit for Feronia started with the minimum version I am requiring you to update to. The iSRO inspection was today so it “stopped working” for you a few hours ago. You skipped updates for a long time so you’re not seeing anything new.

I am playing TrSro only.

It doesn’t matter. The bot is one unit.

Thank you for your replies, don’t think i’m angry or something. Can you explain how update if testing version doesn’t show any updates for me? Thanks

If you used the installer you can run it again and it will update it.

thx for replay it work now thank !

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