Cannot enter game

hello i have problem about multi i mean i start up 2 bots at once after 2 bots entered game other bots are just waiting at logging in how can i fix it btw its isro

if you see somthing 145/200 on log in your bot is qeud list so u need wait cuz serveur crowned

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@jaya is right - servers are crowed so ur waiting time of ur characters now is longer because joymax make it possible to login 2 chars in the same time on the server.

u can buy proxy - but there are some responsibillity’s with it. first it cost u money $ and 2nd its not easy to find a safe proxy. website can say if its safe. but u never know who is on the other side. good luck ^^

i think its about joymax max 2 chars i didnt play sro for a long time and didnt know that…

guys now its not counting how can i fix it?

guys i fixed look like it was cuz of my old accounts need to accept privacy policy

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