Cancel/overwriting buff dont work in scripts

@ryan i need to go to a high lvl area thats why i want to use a script with “stealth”(rogue) but when its alredy active it will not override it to make it save for me … can you make sript buffs override the old one pls :smiley: i need it kind of fast ;D

You mean recast it?

yes so i have a fresh full stealth buff
Flame mounten 1st BOX.txt (3.7 KB)
i think now you can see what im trying to do ;D

I’ll add a script command called “recast” which will first end it then cast it again.

ok nice tell me when its done ;D cancel funktion would also be nice for conditions becourse giants

This has the recast option. See if that works and the inventory expansion level.

i got instand dc…

Try this instead.

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and with the quest is also still happening :confused: i will try

edit: quest seems to work now it will try it 2x and then it skips :slight_smile:

recast also works now just the button is just missing i think you gonna add it in the next release the only thing left is checking if he accept the invin quest once he is 60if this works to its well done ;D

@Ryan recast is working great :blush:
but the quest problem is still there …

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