Can´t choose a Private Server

I´m playing on a private server and until today everything was working fine for years. Today i got the Massage to update the bot (stable). I was using v16.3.7 and updated to v16.3.9. Everything as usual, but when i started the bot i couldn´t select my server anymore. It only shows ONE option “International Silkroad” at the “Choose your locale” selection, there should be also the option “Private Server” but it isn´t… Is that a known issue? I can´t find anything similar or a solution for this.

The post directly below yours asks the same question how didn’t you find anything lol.

You have to use testing release for private servers

Oh damn, idk how i didn´t see that post. Well thx for the answer, but that won´t solve my problem. I can´t use the testing release, it´s not working on my device.
Is there really no option to use the stable bot for p-servers anymore? :frowning:

Why isn’t testing working on your pc?

Private server were removed from stable like a year ago

Whenever i try to start the testing release i get an error “the application failed to initialize 0x0000142”, no idea how to fix this.

that´s why i was using an old phbot stable until now…

Make sure your using the installer and make sure everything is actually installing when it’s running

I did that, more than once… i guess my device is just to old or something.

I run testing on windows 7, I doubt it’s outdated

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