Can phbot stable work without craptrap?

my win removed all phbot from all my folders, i tried to install it back again but i see char login and no craptrap!!!
using stable version and win10 on isro :frowning:

Download phBot installer and select testing version.

Select Manager. Select collision detection (navmesh) --optional.

phBot Installer

Without CrapTrap, you can’t play on iSRO except if you have a subcription “CrapTrap Server”

Yes if you never go clientless.

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i downloaded testing version and tried it
still no craptrap!!! char login and even go client without craptrap!!! this means i ll take block or what??? :frowning: :cold_sweat:

You don’t understand. It is only needed for teleporting while clientless. If it’s not running then that means you have a client for the character open already and it’s not needed. Once you go clientless and teleport it will start it. This also occurs if you login clientless.

but i log chars clientless and i dont see any craptrap starting
and i go client on some of them and still not showing
i made teleport with some of them from the bot they didnt get dc or the words craptrap couldnt start after 5 attempts …
is it possible craptrap is ON but my pc somehow not showing it? or its removed completely and not required anymore?
i just need to be sure i wont get any block. thx

If you are using the server option then no client will start. You’re not going to get banned. You would just not be able to teleport.

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thats the issue, im using server option and i teleport and login client/clientless :S
still dont understand where is the craptrap its not showing…
searched in task manager…nothing

It should not show because you’re using the server subscription. Nothing starts on your PC. That’s the point of it.

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ok ty so much now i stop worry ^^ :smiley:

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